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Data Privacy in Asia – an opportunity for competitive differentiation

Are you doing business in Asia? Is so, the Cross-Border Privacy Rules (CPBR) could offer a good differentiator for your business. The APEC economic zone (which happens to include countries from North America) is increasing adoption of CPBR – which codifies a framework of principles for how

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New Rules for Moving Data ‘Across the Pond’

Does your US organization do business in Europe? If so, the rules for collecting and moving the personal data of EU citizens across borders and into the US are about to change. A new EU regulation is taking shape under a tight deadline and intense pressure that

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Brand Reputation in the Era of Data – Should You Really Do It?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve outlined 8 Principles that will help marketers protect and strengthen their brands in an era of radical change, where there is great temptation (and quite likely management pressure) to push boundaries further than ever before. Throughout this time and many preceding

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Brand Reputation in the Era of Data – Principle 8: Actively Demonstrate Respect for Your Customers

The final of these 8 Principles clarifies a concept implied across the other seven. To become and remain a successful brand, businesses must actively demonstrate customer respect. Just saying ‘We respect our customers!’ is not enough. Prove it. This can take many forms, from being transparent and

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Brand Reputation in the Era of Data – Principle 7: Apply Technology Thoughtfully

  Last week, Chapman University published the results of its survey America’s Top Fears 2015. Respondents were asked their fear level about different factors ranging from crime to disasters to their personal futures. FIVE OF THE TOP TEN THINGS PEOPLE FEAR ARE RELATED TO MIS-USE OF THEIR

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Brand Reputation in the Era of Data – Principle 6: Comply with All Applicable Laws and Regulations. Then Exceed Them.

There are a LOT of laws and regulations out there that govern data handling and privacy. They vary according to where you conduct business. The European Union has the strictest set of laws that are built on the principle of human rights. The United States has what’s

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Brand Reputation in the Era of Data – Principle 5: Practice Customer Empathy

Hand in hand with getting your own house in order to secure customer data is developing an empathic organizational culture that understands, internalizes and practices customer-sensitive behaviors. This can be reflected in the marketing practices you adopt, the way customer data is collected and handled, and the

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Brand Reputation in the Era of Data – Principle 4: Mind Your Partners!

While the last post discussed getting your own house in order around protecting customer data, equally important is protection of that data when it is passed on to others in your value chain. Consumers regularly agree to share data with a particular organization for immediately known purposes

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Brand Reputation in the Era of Data – Principle 3: Do Everything You Can to Protect Customer Data

There are few hotter topics these days than cyber security. Sadly, the state of affairs will probably not significantly improve in the foreseeable future. Estimates are that two new malwares proliferate every second. Even the best intrusion protection software cannot keep up with that. The reality is

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Brand Reputation in the Era of Data – Principle 2: Be Clear and Accountable

Here is the second of 8 Principles for Responsible Data Stewardship That Won’t Kill Your Customer Relationships, based on Dialog’s recent research. For starters, how many times have you actually read the whole privacy notice of a vendor, financial institution, or app you put on a mobile

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